Binary Options Strategy

Binary-Options-StrategyBest Strategies For Trading Binary Options:

Having a pattern of doing something will eventually rise to a strategy to make things easier. This goes the same for trading binary options. So how can one be profitable in the trading world? Trading for binary options, there is no 100% fool-proof method of winning because, as we all know, there are risks involved when trading. However, by using a single binary options strategy, you just might be able to increase your success in winning trades.

But before anything else, what exactly is a binary option? According to Wikipedia, “in finance, a binary option is a type of option in which the payoff can take only two possible outcomes, either some fixed monetary amount of some asset or nothing at all.” In short, its either you win on your risk or you lose it all completely. Traders get high returns in very short periods, as payouts range from 65% even up to 85%, and some options even expire in as short as 15 minutes. There are even some payouts that reach as high as 300% (which is called a touch option). With these high returns of investment and fast expiration, it is easily one market that traders look into taking advantage of. Another good thing about binary options that traders like is how accessible it is for them. Traders can use their mobile phones or a computer anywhere in the world, as long as there is internet access, to trade easily.

Even at the onset of starting a career in binary options, you don’t actually need to invest money. You can set up an account with a broker for as low as $10 and if you are lucky enough, you might be able to make that $10 into hundreds or even thousands of dollars in no time at all. Thinking about it, this is actually very easy to understand, which means, you can become an expert in the field with little to no time or money investment.

With this in mind, trading in binary options does not work in a vacuum and can easily be manipulated by those in the know. Whether it would be the primary source of income for you or used as an additional income generator, it is a valuable source of revenue – one you should do your best to gain experience in. If you are new to the industry of binary options trading, you should keep in mind that there is no single perfect strategy. Scour the internet and you will find yourself looking into different binary options strategies that claim they are the best in the market. But you should keep in mind that in trading, luck is also a factor. You may to have an infallible strategy, but luck will still have a part in the outcome of your trade.

Speaking about a binary options trading strategy, there are actually a couple of types that exist which were created by experts of the industry. One of these is based on betting models. This type claims that the right timing and specific patterns in investment will result in a positive profit, even if the trader is not that skilled at predicting market movement. It also presumes that with this strategy, a trader can design an option buying strategy that has a high probability of winning.

Another strategy that is common among traders is based on predicting the direction of the market by the trader. This is more on the technical and statistical evidence in the market, which can be seen through its movement. By analyzing the market’s movements based on previous movements, the trader gets a better way of predicting its next move.

And then, there is making use of signals from more experienced traders. These are often times offered online and are on the expensive side, but this can be very beneficial as the users of this strategy claim high returns. This type of strategy makes use of available technology and a bit of luck, as trends might end up as a bust.

There are also automatic systems that are used in trading, which are called “algorithmic trading”. This type of tool can be used by people who have less time on their hands, as this lets the computer do the trading. By regularly checking your settings, it can provide maximum results with little effort and time. With this strategy, someone who has another job or profession can actually take advantage of the industry and make a profit in the binary options market. This is an efficient way for those too busy with other things to earn extra money through trading binary options. But, of course, this also has its own risks, since letting the computer decide for you may not be the best option for an individual playing the money market.

In this type of industry, making use of different binary options trading strategies can be what makes or breaks your trading venture. Whether you win or not, something good will come out of it. If you win, you receive money, if you lose; you gain experience that you can use to get a better grasp of the shifts in the marketplace. Also, by using an appropriate strategy, increasing the chance of winning the trade is something that all traders should be aspiring to.

Because of the strategies for trading binary options were made available by trading experts on the internet, those new in the industry can take less risks and have a higher chance of making a profit. They could even come up with a strategy of their own to give them a profitable outcome. However, if you limit yourself only to a certain strategy, growth may be stifled. In a market that moves unpredictably from time to time, sticking to just one strategy might result in more losses than profit. It is always best to learn and create new ways of making profit frequently, rather than rely on a few outdated ones. So, with all of this additional information, you can make a decision on what strategy would fit your own style of trading.

Binary Options Review

Binary-Options-ReviewBinary Options Review To Better Understand This Market:

With the internet teeming with information, it would not be hard to find articles discussing binary options. Because of the increasing amount of brokers offering binary option trading, a binary option review provides information that can help a trader make his or her choice on what software, application, or platform will best serve his needs in trading binary options. Since information is easily accessible through the internet, there are many websites that claim to offer the best reviews about binary options; on the other hand, there are also quite a few other sites trying to discredit the industry. Some even go so far as to urging people not to invest in this kind of business at all.

It is a fact that in any kind of business, there will always be criticism made about it, especially if it is not understood by others. But no matter what detractors say about the industry, there will always be positive information from people who have taken big risks with binary options and have come out on top. At first, beginners might be discouraged from attempting to trade, if they find too many negative comments about trading, but when they realize that this kind of investment is 100% legitimate, they might even invest more than what they originally planning to. Making profit through binary options is, of course, not a sure-fire way of earning money because there will be times when even though everything was carefully planned and analyzed, luck may simply not have been on the trader’s side.

If you are someone interested in going into the business of binary options trading, getting to know the tools you will be using is essential because with these, you either make a bad investment and lose your money, or play it smart and make a profit from your risks. With the many platforms and applications for trading options available, you would need to compare each and every one to make the most viable choice for your needs. By having as much information as you can get, you will be able to get to know the difference of each platform, and once you go through that process, picking one to suit your own individual needs will be child’s play.

To get you started in choosing what kind of platform you want to use, here are a few important things you need to know about your platform:

Minimum Deposit – the amount you need to deposit in order to set up an account with them.

Account Currency –the currency that is accepted by the broker.

US Traders – if you are a US citizen and/or living in the US, you might want to check this first because it will determine whether you can set up an account with them because if not, you will be violating the law.

Minimum Trade Size – this is the minimum amount you can use for trading on binary options.

Maximum Trade Size – the maximum amount you can use for trading.

Assets – items that are available for trading. This includes commodities, stocks, currencies, and indices.

In the Money – a return offered for a standard call/put placed with the broker.

Out the Money – rebates or sell back facilities

Option Types – this is what brokers offer to traders. This includes options contracts, type of option, the expiration, tick size, and tick value.

With these, you can begin comparing the different platforms available. After checking these categories of which closely fits what you are looking for, you can go to the next step and look for binary options reviews for your top choices. If most of what you chose are among the top rated, finding a review about it is very easy.

After cutting down your picks to a few or a couple of platforms, you will be able to find excellent reviews that can provide you an in depth description of the application or platform. The descriptions made in the reviews are usually from experts, who have used the product for long enough to know its pros and cons. It may seem like a cheap way to advertise, but thinking about it, existing consumers or potential traders can get an insider’s view into the applicability of the software for their own needs.

Once you have made a choice on what you want to use as your first platform for your endeavor in trading binary options, you can then make your own assumptions on whether it works for you or not. Having expectations of winning big after spending a lot of time picking out a good platform is normal, but you must remember that with trading, it is not always going to be a guaranteed win for the trader; there will be bad days and there will be good days. This is something beginners, who know little about the industry, should make a note of. The key to success lies in learning from your mistakes, as well as picking up on insider knowledge.

Success in this business is, of course, not a guarantee. Wrong decisions, disregard for extensive research, or just plain bad luck can all contribute to failing trades. It happens even to the best traders in the world, but the important thing is to pick yourself up, so that you can start with newly acquired knowledge to use to your advantage.

If you end up being successful in trading, it may not be far off that you become a guru or a master trader yourself because it would show how good you have adapted and how much you have picked up from starting with nothing. Who knows, one day your skills can be picked up by an apprentice, who would want success in the same industry that you have aimed to be good in.

But before anything else, it is very important not to forget that this kind of investment is still a risk. Your choices have to be made based on a proper assessment of the market, without forgetting that even with careful planning, there is still a chance for you to lose on a trade.

Forex Binary Options

Forex-Binary-OptionsBinary Options On The Foreign Exchange

In order to have a comfortable life, people need to earn money. But sometimes, even with a regular job, what they get compensated is insufficient. Because of this, people look for other ways to start earning a little extra. Some get a second or even a third job, some start their own businesses, and then there are others who think out of the box and try something that a friend of a friend told them would bring some extra income. One of the options that people do to earn extra is playing the stock market. More specifically, the trading of forex (Foreign Exchange) binary options.

So what exactly are binary options? It is actually a kind of a stock option that results in only two outcomes – getting a fixed amount of an asset or not getting anything at all. To be more specific about binary options, there are actually two main types, the cash-or-nothing and the asset-or-nothing binary option. Now that you have an idea on what binary options are, we can start to get a more in-depth look on a potential increase in income.

By getting into forex binary options, you get a chance to invest in something that has a very high potential in providing more money for you. With today’s available technology, it is very easy to understand how it works. There actual tutorials available on the internet, which are very useful. You could also look for applications that you can use to take advantage of the stock market. Some can even provide you with alerts about significant shifts in the market, which can provide you with useful information whether to buy or trade options that you have.

The next best move is to find what will make trading easier, especially for beginners. In the case of playing the stock market, by learning from forex binary options brokers, you can take techniques and steps that they commonly use to make good with the money market. There are tutorials created by experts in the field that can be used to learn how to play the binary forex options efficiently. There are also tools and applications that you can actually learn from without using real money. Some applications provide “play” money you can use to see how well you can do with the stock market without spending your hard earned cash. When you begin to gain confidence in playing the market you can start using real money, so that you can increase your earnings.

In trading binary options, there are upsides and downsides to having them. One good thing about options is that the risks and the rewards are already known. Let’s say you bought a binary option for a certain company selling at $100 with a binary payoff of $200, if at the end of the maturity date, the company was trading below $100 you will not get anything. If the company was trading for $100 or more, you will get the $200 payoff you agreed at the onset of the trade. Another upside is that you won’t have to think about the liquidation of the asset because the trader is not directly the owner of said stock. Then there are some brokers for forex binary options trading that do not charge commission. Of course, this will still vary between different brokers. And then, you may also trade assets wherever you are in the world, as long as it’s open for the public.

Now why would you not want to pursue this kind of business? Looking at how the rewards are smaller than the risk itself, this could be a major turn off for someone looking to get big money immediately. This means that the trader is risking more than what he can actually gain in this type of market. Then again, it should already be clear to the trader that this is a gamble – a risk that you have to take in order to gain more money. It’s not unlike going to a casino.

Since we have established what binary options are and what benefits you can get from engaging in this kind of business, you, as an individual, should think about whether to the risk or play it safe. You should always remember that not trying is the same as failing. It may take time before you become an expert at trading assets. You may have to lose money at some point – it may be a few dollars, it may be a few thousand. However, you may also earn double than whatever you make working at a regular office job. Taking smart risks should be what you aim for because this could answer all of your financial concerns.

Because of the risks made by traders, there has been some negative feedback about binary options, when critics remarked that it is more of a gambling platform, rather than an investment platform. But of course, there are some countries that acknowledge and certify it as an investment platform.

Another thing you might need to learn before starting out is whether your location allows for trading because there are countries that forbid forex binary options trading. Trading with a certified broker is a must because it is not impossible that there are those who scam newbies in the beginners’ circle. Reading reviews about a particular broker is merely one way of knowing whether the business is legitimate or not.

With the internet making the world smaller, you can start learning more about binary options through applications that will allow you to trade with a broker for options that are potentially profitable. Then, there also applications that can alert you with any significant movements in the stock market, which you can use to your advantage. Just remember not to be afraid of making mistakes at first. Learn from them and swear to do better next time. Also, don’t be too hard on yourself when you fail – sometimes it’s just a gamble. With all of this knowledge, you are ready to make your first trade.

Binary Options Software

Binary-Options-SoftwareSoftware for Binary Options Traders

Having financial issues is not uncommon these days, especially with how the market has been moving up and down. Individuals try their hardest to make ends meet. In order to cope this situation, people take in extra jobs or take overtime to compensate for their financial issues. But is this the only way? One way of taking care of this without doing more hours of work is playing the stock market. With the technology we have today, people can make use of binary options software to make trading easier and a lot more efficient.

So how does it work exactly? By installing binary options software on your computer or laptop, you can start making trades in the stock market for the best binary options available on the market. Actually, as a result of having this software installed, you almost won’t be needing to do as much as having to do it manually, which gives you more than enough time to do other stuff that needs doing. This is something very useful, especially for people who do not have the luxury of working at home or having a lot of time on their hands, but people are still having financial troubles or simply those who wish to increase their nest egg.

Now the question is, where will you find software that meets your needs? By using any popular search engine, you can find hundreds or thousands of software that you can use to start trading. To help you start trading, here are a few binary options trading software you can use:

  1. Binary Brain Wave – one of the highest rated software in the market today by traders, this application brings trading to a new level. Priced at $98.99, this very easy-to-use software has instructions even a newbie can easily understand. This software trades in 6 pairs (EU/USD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/JPY, NZD/USD), has 24/7 support, hits over 80% accuracy, and has free updates.
  2. Binary Options Bullet – another highly-rated software available today. This software can be bought for only $67, which makes it a good buy in its price range. Cheap price for a quality product is always a good trade. It is very easy to install and gives fairly accurate signals.
  3. Option Bot 2.0 – created by Keith Jones, this $97 software has had bad reviews at the moment of writing due to the creator having a lot of negative criticism about how he has been doing in the market. Although it has yet to be proven, all of the comments should be kept in mind, if you are thinking of getting this product.
  4. Auto Binary EA – basically, this product is a way for a broker to have you set up an account with them. Much like Option Bot 2.0, this one has a bit of a shady reputation. A lot more research on this could be in order for it to be a viable option.
  5. Binary Money Code – according to reviews about the product, more time was actually used in the marketing of it rather than the user-friendliness or performance. So, few reviews were done on this software and all it has is claims about it being a good one.
  6. Options Profit Accelerator – another one of Bill Poulus products, this software sells for a whopping $1000. But hold your horses because besides from getting the product, you will be able to get a lot of training from Bill Poulus, which can be very useful in your trading endeavor. So if you are looking at learning more about this business, you might want to look at this product to get more knowledge on trading.
  7. Binary Options Auto Trader – a bit on the expensive side of binary options software, this product is fully automated and needs to have your computer on at all times. If you are in need of a software that can do most of the trading for you, this is a product you might want to check out.

Now that we have some binary options trading software listed, we can also talk about what other kinds of software there are.

The signal software is a kind of software that it provides the user with information coming from expert traders right to the user’s email. It uses the “meta-trader four” to watch the market for any trading opportunities that may come up. Signals is almost the same as the signal software but it is much simpler.

For people who are too busy or cannot be bothered to do their own work, Auto Trading Software is also on the market. As the name suggests, the process is automatic. Since it is automated, it gives almost full control to the brokers associated with the product.

And then there is Education, which is something that beginners should take advantage of. Learning is never a bad idea because it gives the user the know-how to better understand the business. Often times these software are a bit pricey, since it was made to train beginners in trading binary options.

With this information on hand, what will be your cup of tea? What will be the best binary options software for you? Only you will be able to decide on what fits your needs. Taking advantage of this is something one should do because in the end, it will be your choices that will either increase your profit or give you more loses.

Of course, trading binary options is not a sure-fire way of gaining money. It includes you taking risks on what you think will give you the highest possible profit. These tools can decrease the risks that you take by giving you better options and educating you on what trades could be beneficial. At the end of the day, your experience in trading can become a huge factor in how your movement in the money market will be. So, whether it’s the top rated software in the market, the most expensive, or the most affordable one, making the choice should always be something you have to think long and hard about.

Binary Options Scam

Thief carrying a bag and running awayBinary Options Scam & Trusting In Binary Options

You can find a lot of possibilities in the financial field when you put your mind to it. Probably one of the most popular options nowadays that people seem to be flocking to is the Binary Options. Just what are these options all about? The common problem when we are faced with something new to us is that we don’t trust it immediately.

Not trusting Binary Options for the first time is perfectly normal. Of course, we should confirm whether this option is good or not. Firstly, we should look for evidence if the option works and is not a scam. We might find news about a binary options scam, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the news was accurate. It is best do your own research on the subject before judging it.

To start off, what are Binary Options all about? What is this hype surrounding it and is it really worth the attention that it’s getting? From the financial aspect, a binary option is what we call an option wherein the payoff results in one of two outcomes. The first is that there is a fixed amount of cash or even assets prepared or there are none at all. The second is when the payoff is continuous. We can also call this option the “all-or-nothing” or the “asset-or-nothing” option. In a nutshell, we can’t classify binary options strictly as a scam, but instead, it is a high risk. The all-or-nothing option pays you in a fixed amount of money or assets within an expiry date. The asset-or-nothing option, on the other hand, pays the value in the underlying security.

Rather than calling it a binary options scam, it is also commonly referred to as Digital Options in the Foreign Exchange or the Interest Rate markets, and also a fixed-return option on the American Stock Exchange. This is why it is important to read about the subject as much as possible because we may never know we are still using it if it’s just under a new name. At least, we know what we are getting ourselves into.

When one is serious about trying out binary options, the first thing to do would be to buy an option that gives you a positive potential return. These options can be bought virtually and just about any type of financial product can be acquired in both direction of the trade. This act of buying is also referred to as the “call”. Another action is the “put” option. With this in mind, we can “call” or “put” options within a given amount of time.

So how does this work? When you have made a “call” on a certain company’s stock which would potentially strike at $100, you may get $1000 payoff using the cash-or-nothing payoff. When your call strikes within the maturity date, then you get the $1000. But if the stock reaches just below $100, then you get nothing.

To look at it simply, the value of which the option is expressed is based on the probability of the option to exceed a certain amount in stock over a certain amount of time. It’s mostly like deciding whether the value of that asset will be greater than the value it has now. However, it’s not as easy as it looks. As mentioned above, a binary option is risky. The market is always a difficult place to find yourself in and anything can happen in a moment. This is why it is important to also have the right knowledge on which markets to consider a call for.

Even though binary options has reached the public eye only now, it has been available over the counter for quite some time. An issuer can sell the options to an interested buyer. Other people might recognize these as “exotic” instruments and are more often than not seen in complex binary option contracts. Even back in 2008, there were already binary option websites available or binary trading platforms, what others may call it. It is estimated that there might have been close to 90 platforms that started operations with around 200 assets in hand.

These platforms began as standard short-term binary options, which have pre determine profit or loss that can’t be liquidated, if it’s within the date before expiry.

Due to the increased activity in the stock market, there have been certain companies that have taken advantage of the situation, which resulted in what some call scams. But one should be aware that these are only on a case by case basis and is not what binary options are for. It’s important to be wary of shady exchanges in all areas, especially in finance. The US Securities and Exchange Commission as well as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission have already issued a joint warning with American Investors when it comes to illegal binary options.

Binary Options don’t charge any type of fees from the investors. The profit is gained from the difference when the options which expire in-the-money towards the options that expire out-of-the money. There are formulas that one can use to calculate the difference from the profit that is made when the options are made. There are also non-regulated types of platforms when cash isn’t placed in a trust account. These are required by the government financial transactions and regulations. To keep everything fair, the transactions aren’t monitored by third parties.

It is easy to find forums that address the issues on binary options and intelligent discussions regarding them. Community boards can also be helpful and can even give great feedback on some specific binary options. If we ever want to know how other people handled these options and how it turned out, then is the public forums are the place to go. We can even find suggestions and tips that can help people just starting out using the binary option.

As the saying goes, strike when the opportunity is hot. Binary Options is all about timing and a good sense of optimism.

Binary Options Trading System

Binary-Options-Trading-SystemGetting To Know How Binary Options Trading Systems Works:

In finance, there are many ways to can gain a decent amount of cash. This highly depends on what strategy you use and what kind of financial option works best for you. There are many people who want to put their eggs in many baskets, but you should know better.Always go with the option that fits your strategy the best. Other financial options will always be there; the key to succeeding is to find the right one.

One such option that many have considered is Binary Options. What is the binary options trading system and what can it do? You may be very curious about this and wonder if this can actually help you out.

For starters, a Binary Option is a kind of option wherein the pay off has been structured to produce a fixed amount of compensation or possibly nothing. Much of the success of the Binary Option is from the term “binary”, which means that the option is based on a “yes” or “no” proposition. If you are the option holder, you don’t have the choice to buy or even sell the asset. The decision is not yours alone to take.

So why do investors continually go for Binary Options? This is simply because the binary options trading system is simple. Yes, it is simple. What the investor has to do is simply guess if something specific will or won’t happen. Take for example a certain Company A:the investor just has to guess whether or not that company will reach above $30 by the end of the term at a specific time. Let’s say, the investor’s guess comes true.That means, the investor receives a certain amount of cash based on that earlier assumption.

Some people say that binary options mirror Vanilla Options, but in truth, they are two completely different things. When you take a closer look at it, they are usually traded on platforms from the SEC and other similar agencies. However, nowadays they are commonly traded over the internet. These operations exist outside of regulations and because of that, there is a higher risk of fraud from the investors. When the investor deposits cash on a certain trading platform, he or she may not get a refund in-case the said option runs out of money. Thus, as an investor, you may lose money which you have set aside to build your financial foundation.

If you are planning on investing on these price fluctuations over time in various global markets, then you should also understand the risks that are involved with it. You may hear great news from others, but you should also think about your own luck in the trade game. Make sure that before going out and exercising your tools of trade, you are well-informed about Binary Options. Options are often misunderstood and that is one of the major reasons why people fail in this endeavor.

If you think that Binary Options are the same as Traditional Options, then you are wrong about that. The two are on completely different levels. When traded, one of the options may have different types of payouts as well as required fees and, of course, risks. You should also understand that the two options have different liquidity structures and investment processes.

US Binary Options are also on a different level than those outside of the country, especially on the exchange rates. If you are fond of speculation or guessing, then you can say that Binary Options may be your thing and it can work for you. Then again, it is still a risk and you should fully understand the pros and cons of undergoing such trade.

The news gave a warning about the potential risks in Binary Options investment back in 2013.According to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, a Cyprus-based company was charged with selling Binary Options illegally. Not everything is as easy as that and that is something that you should be aware of.

In breaking down Binary Options, they are further classified as an exotic option. Even though the term might scare you off a bit, Binary Options are actually very simple to understand and use. With the right amount of time and learning, you should be able to understand its functions and on ways of how you can use it to your advantage.

The high-low option is the most common Binary Option used. This gives you access to commodities, stocks, indices, and foreign exchange. In other terms, this option is also called the “fixed-return” option. The strike price, which dwells on an expiry date or time, is also involved. This is how it works:when an investor guesses or wagers a price on a company or a market’s direction in a given amount of time and gets it right, he or she gets paid in a “fixed-return” which is awarded regardless of how much the company moved or its size to begin with.. Sounds about right, but if the investor guesses wrong, then he or she loses the investment.

Risk is a high price to pay.

When you observe a market and feel that it will rise, then you begin using the Binary Option by making a “call”. This “call” is an actual purchase. When you observe that the market is falling, then you purchase a “put”. If you want your “call” to gain financial input, then you should place your call below the strike price in a given expiry time. All of these:payout, expiry, and strike price are all disclosed within the trade’s outset.

Before you start using this finance option, don’t hesitate to research the subject. You can also go to forums to see what everyone else thinks about them. You can even find suggestions or helpful tips in the forums. Always equip yourself with an adequate amount of knowledge before you begin taking out cash to invest in stock.

Binary Options Demo Account Provider Brokers for Your Practice

Binary-Options-DemoIn today’s economy, people look for ways to invest their profits. There are those who work more hours to get compensated more, and then there are those who use their money to play the money market where people can increase their profits by making smart risks on stocks.

One way of dabbling into stocks is by trading binary options. But before we jump into that, what exactly is a binary option? According to Wikipedia, it is an option when a payoff only has two possible results. It’s either a fixed amount for some asset or nothing at all. Here, whatever the potential amount to be gained in this risk is known before the option is made, but since this is the stock market, the risk of not getting anything is also present.

To understand it better, here is an example:

ABC Inc. is offering stocks at $100 with a binary payoff of $500. The set maturity date is one (1) year, and let’s assume the year was over and ABC Inc.’s stock is trading at or above $100, the risk pays off so the investor will be getting the $500 payoff. Now if ABC Inc.’s stock was less than $100, the investor will not be able to get anything.

Although the example may be informative, experiencing it would give a newbie enough familiarity on how it actually works. By using a binary options demo, a person interested in learning the ropes will gain the knowledge he will need, in order to do well in today’s stock market.

So how does one try it out without risking money that can be lost if done incorrectly? If today was a day back in the 1980’s, it’s unlikely that you can try binary options. But, with today’s current technology, almost everything is easily accessible, and that includes being able to try out trading options at the comfort of your own home. There are websites where people can open up a binary options demo account. By using these accounts, one will get a feel of how the stock market can be taken advantage of. To get things started, here are a couple of brokers that offer binary options demo account:


  1. OptionWeb – the first broker to be regulated and authorized by authorities in financial markets, OptionWeb brings traders a reliable platform where the reins on binary option trading can be learned. Although one needs to deposit real money to open a demo account, people who choose OptionWeb are limited only by holders of premium and silver accounts. Once the account is opened, the broker can then make use of the demo to try out his wares on binary option trading. OptionWeb is regulated and licensed by CySEC, authority of prudential supervision (ACP) of the Bank of France, the FSA and the CONSOB.
  2. TopOption – headquartered in Cyprus, TopOption is one of the key brokers in today’s industry. Licensed by CySEC, trust is not an issue if you plan on opening an account with them. In order to open a demo account, a broker just needs to set up an account with them by depositing $100. In addition to this, the site also offers advice from financial professionals, which is available in ten different languages.
  3. OptionBit is for people who want to try binary option trading without spending money. This website might just be what the doctor ordered for newbie and expert alike. To get a demo account, no deposit for real money is needed. OptionBit is quite known in France and the UK.Also, having it on mobile devices on iOS and Android format allows those on the go to trade on the traders’ own time.
  4. OneTwoTrade – there are people who choose looks over performance, and then there are those who chose the other side of the coin. If you are a person of the latter kind, OneTwoTrade might be the right binary option platform for you. Simple, efficient, and friendly, this 2011 creation gives both new and experienced brokers a rich and informative website for trade binary option trades. Besides from this, getting tips from their technical analysts can equip the individual the winning formula in trading binary options.
  5. Banc de Binary – By depositing $250 dollars, an account can be opened with a broker that operates in more than 100 countries, including 27 in Europe. Offering the 2nd highest return of investment in the industry at 92%, BDB is officially in the financial world’s jargon. Newbie’s in the industry can use the demo account to test out their luck in the binary option industry. With BDB’s $50000 play money, experience will be earned in no time.
  6. Zone Options – $100,000 on a demo account is really enticing to a newcomer who would want to get as much experience as possible in the shortest time possible. Well, one could get this amount of play money if they open up a premium account and make a deposit of 1000 EUR with Zone Options.

With these choices, a person who is interested in making a profit in stocks can learn as much as he can without losing money. By using the demo account and the play money tied to it, a trader can gain much experience in how to take advantage of stocks, and once his confidence in trading is built, he can then dabble into using real money so that he can start earning money.

Of course, one should not forget that going into the money market is not a guaranteed pay every time a trade is made, risks are still in play, but by learning through using these demos, one can gain valuable experience and knowledge that will give him the ability to take calculated risks where ever he has a chance to earn more and lose less than what people with beginner’s luck. Choosing the website should be dependent on what the trader is looking for. If it will be one where he will get more play money or where he will never need to make a deposit, or even on a website that can offer top-of-the-line customer service.

Binary Options Brokers for YOU

Binary Options BrokersA lot of people have come to the realization that their day jobs are no longer enough to support their lifestyles. This is because the cost of living has shot up astronomically in most countries. This has seen a lot of people find other ways to supplement their daily income. One of the ways that people have sought to do this is through investment and binary options trading. This is a valid option for a number of reasons. One of them is that binary options is one of the easiest types of investments to get into and it is fairly easy to grasp even for beginners. Another thing is that you do not have to have an in depth understanding of the business world to get into binary options trading.

All you have to have is a basic understanding of what is happening around you in both the business and political worlds, as these are the areas that mostly influence investment and trade. If you have all of these things down, the next step is to look for a broker. Due to the increased number of clients and the popularity of binary options trading, the number of brokers, both legitimate and otherwise, has shot up. What this has done, is it has increase the chances of fraud, as far as binary options trading is concerned.

The good thing is that there is still a huge number of binary options traders who are registered and legitimate in their respective countries, on the internet, or in both. Another good point is that finding these binary options traders is not hard, as the information on who is registered and who is not can be found online with a simple web search. With that being said, although the internet would be helpful when looking for this information, the best place for you to look at are the government records. This is because these records are unbiased, correct, and up to date.

When looking for binary options brokers online…

Granted, there are a lot of places where you can find information on the best binary options traders on the internet. There is no guarantee that each and every one of these sources will be trustworthy. It is advised that you tread with caution and carry out research carefully and thoroughly, before getting into business with any best binary options broker.

With that being said, here is a list of some of the best binary options brokers sourced from both the internet and other legit sources, in no particular order:

  1. Boss Capital – if you are based in the US, this is one of the best brokers to trade with. This is because they let you trade starting at a minimum of $200, with a minimum trade of 10 dollars. Apart from that, if you are into speed trading, they offer $5 minimum on 60 and 30 seconds options. Their online trading option, known as the SpotOption trading platform, is easy to use and has been described by users as a refined choice.
  2. Markets World – one of the things that stands out from this broker is that they offer a free demo account for all new traders. They also allow traders to have a different rate. What this translates to is one of the most highly competitive trading environments on the internet. This trader is well known for offering fast payouts and their service is unmatched. They are also registered and regulated by a legitimate body with one of the requirements being that all of your trading funds are held in a different account and are available for withdrawal whenever you may need them. To get started, you can deposit as little as $20 and can start at $1 trades. They also have 60 second trades if you are into that sort of binary options trading.
  3. 24 Option – this binary options broker is regarded as one of the best because their payouts, that range from 71-89%, are some of the highest in the market. They are also known to offer the highest payouts in FX pair trading as compared to any other legit binary options broker. To top all of this off, you can open a demo account with them if you are a new customer, as well as have the option of mobile trading if you so wish. Sadly, they do not accept US traders. On some of their trade types, returns of up to 300% can be expected. Among the options they offer are 30 second trades, High/Low, One Touch/No Touch options, and a range of other popular options.
  4. Go Options – they may be relatively new in the market, but they have a lot to offer. They are best known for their personalized services that include group and private instruction on Skype, weekly training, personal account management, trade alert, and a lot more. Trading starts with as little as $200, but for you to enjoy better benefits from this broker, you have to open a bigger account. These benefits include risk free trades, larger deposit bonuses,and others. As for returns, expect anything between 80 and 85% on your winning trades.
  5. Optionsfair –this broker offers 5 trades that are insured when you open an account with them. They also offer a signal service for free. This service helps with the timing and placement of trades and helps you save time. They use TechFinancials platforms which makes their returns upwards of 81%. They do not allow US traders.
  6. Redwood Options – this broker offers profits of up to 181% on single trades. The good thing about this brokers is that they offer a number of trading options including commodities, gold, currency pairs, and a varied number of different binary trading options. They also offer 60 second options with returns of up to a maximum of 81%. They accept traders from the US. A new trader deposit bonus of up to 100% is available for those willing to invest their time and money. They trade on the SpotOption trading platform.
  7. Stock pair – this broker takes a little bit of a different approach to binary options trading. They offer you the option of trading one stock versus another. The model they use is the same as that used in currency pairs trading, but using stocks instead. They also offer other trading options, including High/Low trades with a return rate of 82% among others. They do not accept traders from the US.
  8. Trade Rush – these binary options brokers are known to offer the best 60 second options online. They also offer very competitive returns(between 70 and 81%); they are US-friendly, and their customer service is excellent. Apart from 60 second options, they also offer touch/no-touch,5 minute options, and an options builder. They trade on the SpotOption platform and their minimum deposit amount is $200 with minimum trade limits of $10 and $5 on their 60 second trades. They accept customers from all over the world and their customer service desk is manned by actual people.
  9. Cherry Trade – with cherry trade, you are able to open one of five accounts. The differences in these accounts is the minimum deposit amounts that range from $200 to $10,000 and account opening bonuses of between 25 and 100%. They offer online trading, as well as a mobile trading app with either of these methods letting you pick and choose the exact trade you want to participate in. They also offer the latest financial news stories, as well as a very informative education center.
  10. LBinary – this is one of the biggest binary options traders in the world, with a payout rate that goes as high as 600%. Their minimum deposit amount is $250 and they are a legal and duly-registered binary options trader. Their average payout rate stands at 81% with a minimum investment of $10 per trade. If you are a trader who travels a lot, you will be glad to note that LBinary has both an android and an iOS app. LBinary offers most of the existing binary options contract types, such as one-60 seconds options, touch options,and high/low options.

As you can see, there are so many binary options brokers available, who are standing by to help you out. The best thing is that there are so many options on offer, that virtually any type of trader will find something for themselves. Remember, that all of the above traders are registered and most of them accept traders from all over the world.

With that said, it is very important that you choose a trader who offers the type of trade you are looking for, a favorable payout, a favorable payment schedule, as well as acceptance of traders from your country. Remember, that most, if not all of the above traders offer customer care services, as well as trading information, secrets, and nuggets of wisdom on their individual websites. Keep your eyes open and learn to take advantage of these information sources. Remember, that this is not an exhaustive list and that there are lots more legitimate traders offering terms, payouts, and conditions similar to those offered by the brokers listed above. All you have to do is research and find the right broker for you.

Binary Options Trading – An Overview

Binary-Options-TradingHow To Binary Options Trading?

There are a lot of ways to make money in the business and the investment world. With that being said, however, there are fewer ways that are easier to start with and make money from than binary options trading. This is because compared to other trading options, binary options trading is relatively easy to start with as well as perform well in. Before going any further, there is a need to understand exactly what binary options trading is.

The main way that trading and business works is that someone makes money or a profit when an asset’s price or value rises or falls. Binary options trading takes this premise a bit further by having the trader predict if the price/value of an asset will rise or fall. Calling an option means purchasing a binary option and predicting that it will rise. In contrast, predicting that a binary option will fall is called a “put”.

It is very important to note that making predictions as to whether the price of an asset will rise or fall is only the start. There are other types of binary options that have the trader predict whether the price of an asset will rise past a certain point or if it will fall past that certain point or price at maturity. Remember, these options do not check to see whether the value of the assets has risen or fallen before maturity; they only check the value at maturity, nearing the expiration date.

How to become a binary options trader?

If you feel that the world of investment, business, and binary options trading is for you, then you ought to make an honest effort to get into it. The only thing that you have to understand is that you have to have a firm grip on all or most of the factors that would affect the value of an asset. It is also important to note that when we talk about assets, we talk about physical commodities, including money and currency pairs.

Granted, there are a lot of things that would affect the value of an asset. Included in the many duties of a binary options trader is understanding all of these factors and knowing how to leverage them to make money. Some of these factors include stock market factors, political factors, and other business factors. The best thing is that the binary options trading world is teeming with tools to help traders have a firm grasp and understanding of all of these things. It is these tools that any binary options trader ought to be versed in.

Some of the most commonly used tools are, of course, news channels and the internet, graphs, charts, and currency pairs comparators. The graphs and charts are usually plotted for the changes in price or value of a certain asset or stock item over time. It is by looking at the trends on the charts and graphs that binary options traders are able to conclude on the direction the price of an asset will move. Currency pair comparators, on the other hand, plot for changes in the ratio of the value of one currency with another, with the stronger currency of the two being the reference point. Understanding how all of these things work is paramount to being successful in the binary options trading world.

In order for one to trade binary options successfully, the most important thing of them all is finding the right binary options broker. It is very helpful that there is a list of certified binary options brokers in the public domain and this makes it very easy to find the right one. As with everything else, binary options traders are not the same. Each and every trader ought to find a broker whom they can work with successfully. Something else to look for when choosing a broker is finding out what extra services they offer. The elite league of brokers offer nuggets of wisdom and insider information that would be very hard to come across otherwise. Knowing how to take advantage of this is a very important part of becoming a successful binary options trader.

How do binary options make you money?

After all is said and done, at the end of the day, every trader is looking to make a profit. This is true for any type of trade and any type of trader. The difference when it comes to binary options trading is that if you do not have a deep understanding of the material at hand, it is very likely that you will be making losses. So before delving into the word of binary options trading, it is always a good idea to have a “test run” first. What this entails is making “put” or “call” options on assets or currency pairs that you have not placed money on. After that, it is only a matter of waiting for the maturity and waiting to see if you made the right call (no pun intended).

The results that you get from doing are three-fold:

  1. They will let you see if you have a grasp on the way binary options trading works by showing you if you would have made a profit or a loss on a real trade.
  2. They will let you have a feel of the real trading world and what is expected of you without any tangible risk on your end.
  3. They will show you your strengths and weaknesses, as far as binary options trading is concerned, and let you make the right adjustments.

The only way to make money when doing binary option trading is by making a profit. The way that this is done is through making the right “put” or “call” options, as you may have guessed. This takes skill, accuracy, and prudent timing. The right timing is important because a stock commodity may be on the rise, but is headed for a break and a fall in the next few hours. Getting a hold of things at the right time will be paramount, if you are looking to make a profit out of this situation. There are a lot more examples that can be applied here but the lessons to take away from this include the fact that you have to have the skills and the right timing to make a profit in the binary options world.

Binary options and fraud

Usually, binary options trading is regulated by various bodies that have been set up in various countries. This is in accordance with international trade rules and regulations that have been set up and have existed in individual countries. On the same note, the number of brokers who are offering binary options trading online has risen significantly in recent years. This can be attributed to the increased number of those who are looking to trade in binary options on online platforms. This led to an increase in the number of unscrupulous traders who are looking to take your money and run.

What happens after buying the binary options and making your options known is that the brokers are never heard of from again. This problem has escalated simply because there are too many brokers on the internet to regulate them all.

Another huge problem that has escalated along with the rise in the number of those doing binary options trading online is identity theft. Remember, that in order to register with a broker, you are supposed to give them your personal details. You are also expected to give them your banking account details for payment purposes. When you have someone with information as powerful as that, there is always the chance that there is going to be foul play. Identity theft is the second most common complaint that regulators get after having money stolen and requests for payouts ignored.

So how can you protect yourself?

The best weapon that you have in these situations is knowledge. Before giving your money or personal details to any broker, it is very important that you research them. This is to, first of all, find out if they are registered and legitimate. The second reason is to find out whether or not they are honest and keep to their scheduled payments, as promised. Remember, a lot of the information that you need in this regard is in the public domain and you do not have to go out of your way to get it. The power of the internet is always firmly behind those who are looking for information such as this.

As you can see, binary options provide one of the best and easiest ways to make money. All you have to do is be armed with the right information and tools, know how to leverage these tools to make a profit, and deal with legitimate brokers. Remember that there is always a chance that you might lose your money or worse, if you deal with the wrong brokers and do not take precautions when trading binary options.

What Are Binary Options & How To Trade?

What Are Binary OptionsBinary-Options?

Binary options are one of the most interesting and often confusing ways to trade. The reason for this is because they often take on an element of speculative trading, luck, as well as an in-depth understanding of the way stock exchange and currency markets work. Strictly speaking, binary options are a type of trading option where there are only two possible outcomes at the end of the day. The only payoff options available in binary options are either the full-payout or nothing, hence the reference to the word “binary”.

In order to understand how binary options work, look at the following example: a binary option of a company’s stock can be purchased struck at $50 with a potential payoff of $500. What happens is that at the time of maturity of the option, if the stocks of the company are trading at or above $50, $500 is paid to the person who bought the binary options. If the stock is trading below the stipulated price, then the money is lost.

Usually, binary options come in two options: Asset-or-nothing binaries and cash-or-nothing binaries. As you may have guessed from the names, the asset-or-nothing binaries pay the value of a security agreed upon at the time of purchase of the binary options and the cash-or-nothing binaries payout some fixed and agreed-upon amount of money, if the maturity is reached “in-the-money”.

Trading Binary Options

One of the most important things (apart from selecting a suitable broker before taking on binary options) is learning all the terms that are used in this field. Sadly, a huge portion of those who decide to enter into binary options trading do not take the time to learn the terms and tools of the trade. The end result of this is that they end up frustrated and do not earn as much as they should have. This happens because they ignored the fundamental principles of binary option trading.

Unless you are looking to venture into other areas of trading or you are looking to become an absolute professional on binary trading, there is often no need to have an in-depth understanding of all of the various charts, graphs, trends, and other aspects. You ought to have enough understanding and experience in binary trading to be able to make sense of what is going on in the marketplace. You also ought to have an understanding of business and political factors that may affect the prices of stocks and other options to ensure that you do not lose money.

Without further ado, here is a list of some of the most common terms you will hear or come across during your binary options trading:

Asset – this is something that you will be trading for. It may be something physical, a currency pair, or actual cash.

Broker – a person or entity that hosts the trading platforms you trade on.

Call Option – this is a type of binary option that is paid out, once the unit price of the asset rises above the strike price at closing time.

Put Option – this is the opposite of the call option, and it is a type of binary option that is paid out once the unit price of the asset falls below the strike price at expiration.

Strike Price – this is the price of an asset at the time that a binary option matures.

Currency Pair – this is a FOREX (Foreign Exchange) value that is calculated by comparing the value of one currency with the value of another.

Expiration – this is the time at which the binary option expires.

In The Money – this simply describes a binary option that bears profits for a trader. For a call option to be “in the money”, the price of the asset must be greater than the strike price at expiration. For a put option to be in the money, the price of the asset must be lower than the strike price at expiration.

Out Of The Money – this phrase describes a binary option that ends in a loss for a trader. For a call option to be “out of the money”, the price of the asset must be lower than the strike price at expiration. On the same note, for a put option to be out of the money, the price of the asset must be higher than the strike price at expiration. As you can see, “out of the money” is the direct opposite of “in the money”.

Trading Minimum – this is an amount of money that is usually set by brokers and is the least amount of money required for one to execute a binary option.

There are many more terms as far as binary options trading and execution is concerned, but these are the most common and most important.

How To Trade Binary Options?

Trading binary options can be looked at from two angles: one can decide to look at it as something that is profitable by way of luck or as science that requires careful consideration and calculations to be profitable. Remember the charts, graphs, and other technical aspects we mentioned earlier on? They come into play at this point. There are those who decide to trade in binary options and depend on luck for their options to be in the money – that is one of the worst ways to do binary trading.

At the other end of that spectrum, there are those who take binary options as a science, which requires careful consideration, tools, calculations, and guesswork. Those who often use graphs and information from a range of sources to make their conclusions, will often plot graphs and have their ears on the ground when it comes to business and political matters. They are always on the forefront of what is happening in the business world and other places that may affect the prices of stocks and other assets. Staying ahead of the information is one of the best ways to ensure that one is making the right call or put options and increasing the chances of their binary options expiring in the money.

For one to trade in binary option, one needs to firstly find a broker. There are a lots of legitimate, registered brokers, as well as unscrupulous brokers, who are only looking for ways to take away your money. It is up to the trader to verify the authenticity of a broker, their history, and whether or not they are the perfect broker for them.

After registering with a broker, the next thing to do is to buy some binary options. Before doing so however, one has to choose the stock or asset they would like to execute their options on and what option – whether a call or a put – they need to execute on their binary options.

After that, it is all a matter of waiting for the expiration date. If the executed option is right, then the trader makes some money. In order to ensure that you are executing the right option all the time, one of the most important things to do is to understand the trends of the companies’ whose stocks and/or assets you would like to place binary options on. This is most often done through looking at graphs that display the history of the available stock and asset options. Knowing how to read, interpret, and work with these graphs and other instruments is paramount, if you are looking to become better at binary options trading and making as much profit as you can.

Benefits of Binary Options Trading

One of the biggest criticisms for binary options trading is that it is a primitive form of trading. This is because, in most cases, there is no need of an in-depth understanding of business models, environments and other factors that would come into play, if one was trading on a different platform. There is also the thinking that since binary options trading takes a relatively short amount of time to reach expiration, it is not real investing. It is interesting to note that these criticism often point out the strengths of binary options trading.

For one, if one has an understanding of how markets, stocks, and other options will be looking like in the next few hours or days, binary options are a very good way of making money fast. This is especially true for binary options and FOREX currency couples that mature and expire in a few hours. The upside to this is that there is no limit on how much money one could make with binary options.

Secondly, binary options trading is one of the best ways to learn to assess risks and opportunities – a skill that is essential if one is looking to expand their business portfolio. Remember, almost all investment options require you to learn to assess and manage risks. By delving into a highly risky, unpredictable world of binary options, those looking to use this as a stepping stone to other money-making ventures can take away essential lessons on how the business and the investment world functions.

Lastly, binary options trading can be a good way to dip one or two toes into the water, so to speak, for those who are new to trading, stocks, investments, and similar areas. Since the risks associated with binary trading are not often as high as those found in other trading options, those willing to learn by doing can use binary options trading for this very purpose. The best thing is that there is a huge community of traders willing to hold your hand for those first trades. For this very reason, those new to binary options trading ought not to worry; those who came before you are here to answer any questions.

Becoming An Expert Binary Options Trader

If you are serious about making money through binary options, you have no choice but to get better at it. Those who did this in the past, realized the importance of experience and took steps to ensure that they receive the maximum amount of benefits from binary options.

One of the best ways to get better at binary options trading is simply through doing it. There is no better way to get a complete feel of the binary options world than to immerse yourself in it. One of the best ways to learn by doing is by finding a mentor in the field. Someone you can relate to, who has been trading for a while, and who has been successful at it. They will show you the ropes and help you launch your own binary options empire.

As stated earlier, learning the tools of the trade cannot be stressed enough. Learning how to use and take advantage of all or most of these tools is the difference between those who build empires and those who complain about binary options not working. Learn to draw, read, and work with graphs, charts, reports, and all other materials that are used to help with your options. Remember that in order to make a profit, you have to make the right calls or puts. Having an intimate understanding of the tools will help you make these decisions.

Lastly, you have to have a business mind. It has been shown, that those who are good at binary options are usually business-minded and make business-like decisions. In order for you to enter this elite league of binary options extraordinary performers, you have to start thinking like them. The best way to learn to think like them, apart from mentor-ship, is practicing, analyzing situations, information, and the options you may have on your table, even when it does not translate into profits for you, it is one of the best ways to learn how to make business decisions.

Binary options trading, done the right way, can be one of the most profitable ways to trade. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the more you do it, the better you get at it. It is also paramount to remember that learning the tools of the trade will go a long way to ensure that you are a successful binary options trader.